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Scientific research has developed in Libya in the last twenty years and has made good strides despite the scarcity of capabilities and difficulties caused by political and economic conditions. Given the importance of scientific research, which is the shortest way to comprehensive development, it is not possible to stop at a certain point in the scale of the development of scientific research, but rather that the process is always continuous for the purpose of innovation and production of knowledge leading to solving problems that may face societies. Bright Star Journal It is an interdisciplinary journal whose primary objective is to fulfill the need for the rapid dissemination and thorough discussion of basic and applied research results. In order to establish frameworks to inter-relate results from the various areas of the field, emphasis will be placed on viewpoints and topics of a transdisciplinary nature. Our journal has the honor to publish in its first issue a special number for research participating in the fifth International Conference on Renewable and Sustainable Energy - Bright Star University for the period 02-03 October 2019 with the participation of a distinguished group of researchers belonging to many colleges and research centers in Libya and other countries. Finally, we would like to thank everyone who contributed to the founding and emergence of our journal, and we particularly mention Mr. President of the Bright Star University Dr Ahmed Elbrsha.