9/30/2022 6:55:47 PM
Edition: 1st.
Review on Solar Energy Application
Khadeja Khalifa D Kalifa , Salima Al Mgerhi

Solar energy technology is one of the important sources for developing heating for many countries to tolerate their energy needs.  The geographic location plays an important role in collecting the energy, it is be one of the promising type of renewable energy. It has been reported in some review papers, it can  spotlight  for made on solar energy in fresh water got after arrival distillation high  efficiency by  using Solar Energy System the integration between solar energy for  electricity and water Production,  due to this fact that exchange efficiency from solar energy is much higher for process heating than for electricity generation. As result to share of industrial energy consumption. The incorporation of renewable energy and the transportation system can be significantly beneficial for the economy and environment. can use the main energy source for vehicles are the  natural gas and fuel  However, due to the rapid depletion of the gas reserve, soaring gas prices and global warming, alongside the environmental pollution caused by burning fuel, this raises concerns about these energy sources. Renewable energy offers a plausible solution to these problems.

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