9/30/2022 6:25:29 PM
Edition: 1st.
Flatness-Based Fuzzy Logic Controller for Variable Speed Pitch Wind Turbine System Connected To Grid & Comparison with PI Controller & PID Controller by THD
Dr. Aiman Saleh Alamin

Wind energy is playing a vital role in the world’s energy markets nowadays, considering its striking growth rate in the last few years. Variable Speed wind turbines have many advantages over fixed-speed generation such as increased energy capture, operation at maximum power point, improved efficiency, and power quality. Fuzzy logic controller is employed for the control of pitch angle, real and reactive power flows of grid connected direct driven VSWT-PMSG system. The control system is done by planning the appropriate trajectories on components of the output variable vector of the system. The main advantage of the proposed method is control of the system even during the transient state as well as the high performance. The studied system includes a three-bladed horizontal wind turbine and a permanent magnet synchronous generator (PMSG) which is connected to the grid through a back to back converter and a filter. 

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