9/30/2022 5:47:04 PM
Edition: 1st.
The Feasibility of Utilizing CSP and PV Applications at Sirte Oil Company site in Brega
Mohamed Elgabaili and Ahmed Tahir



This paper gives a glance at the potential of utilizing the renewable energy (RE) sources in gas and oil sector in Libya. Although, some oil companies see renewable energy resources as their direct competitors, many other companies have been investing in RE for many years to reduce their production cost and raise their revenue. The exploitation of RE in oil and gas production has proven to be more efficient and less expensive especially in remote areas or offshore applications. Therefore, the study considered herein sheds light on the RE applications used by Oil and Gas companies such as using wind turbines and PV solar systems to generate electricity. A proper control technique may be used to integrate these renewable energy resources to the main electric grid. For stand-alone applications, a battery storage system may be utilized. In addition, solar thermal system (solar collector) may be used for water heating and steam production required for the enhanced oil recovery (EOR) technique. Due to its high intensity in deserted area, solar energy can be very promising source of energy in Libya. Therefore, case study has been chosen to assess the potential of concentrating solar power (CSP) for steam and electricity generation and the photovoltaic (PV) system for electric power generation at Sirte Oil Company site in Brega. A comparison between the two technologies and the application of the solar power at Sirte Oil Company are also presented.

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