5/9/2021 12:20:47 AM
Edition: 1st.
Invention and Development New Equation for Calculate the Intensity of Solar Radiation and Compared with the Measured Value by the pyranometer
Osama D.H. Abdulrazig1



Identifying closely the solar energy and its uses, importance, and the positive and negative aspects as well as the study of solar radiation and its components including the effect of weather on the intensity of solar radiation. The aim of the study is to find a new equation (algorithm) to compute the irradiance and reduce the error  between the computed values and the measured values by pyranometer. Irradiance is expressed in unit as watts per square meter  . Given ideal conditions, a solar panel should obtain an irradiance of 1000 . Unluckily, this is depending on different geographic location and the angle of the sun .Also I will test the algorithm on different location on different countries on the world. The irradiance will be measured whole the year on different location and different weather conditions.

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