9/30/2022 5:16:37 PM
Edition: 1st.
Welding Technology By Using Electrolysis of Water Membrane Mixed Between Titanium Oxide and Aluminum To Save Energy
3& Menam Hamad Al manfi 2& Ahmed Juma Eshoom 1Mohammed Abu Bakr Al Saker

It is also known that the modification of the surface of titanium membranes and its alloys is a hot spot of modern research, And that the use of anodic oxidation is the technology recognized to improve the membranes of titanium used in water welding, and this use has many problems, especially those bacteria that are formed on the surface of titanium oxide and weaken its functions in welding, , So we tried to mix it with aluminum to improve the properties of the membrane of titanium oxide, and found that the mixture form soft tissue that helped the biological activity and was antibacterial and energysaving and cost . 

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