5/8/2021 11:24:02 PM
Edition: 1st.
Theoretical and Experimental Investigation of Solar Updraft Tower Power Plant: A Case Study in El-Beida City
Alhassan.Mohammed, Tarek.Hamad, Mohammed.Fawzi, and Fouzi.Mossa

As the population grows, the demand for energy and the consumption of fuel increases as well. Causing carbon dioxide emissions to rise at an alarming rate affecting the ecosystem heavily. Moreover, the quantity of fossil fuel is depleting leading to search for a more sustainable energy source. This study presents the design of an experimental small pilot to collect data about temperature distribution and air velocity also to predict the power that can be produced, the solar radiation intensity, environment temperature, and the ambient air velocity is collected to, a mathematical model of the system has been worked out to evaluate its data with the experimental data.

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